VLOG: Leaving Home....


Hi everyone! I am currently in Korea settling in, but I finally got my first vlog together ^_^ Editing it made me rather homesick - I miss my fam and friends already >_< I'm sorry my updating is so sporadic though, I'm still somewhat jetlagged, caught a cold, and am confused as to why I brought 7 pairs of shorts and only 3 t-shirts :P

The Incheon Airport was so fabulous - I got a bunch of clips (next vlog!) - I can totally see why it's the #1 airport :D :D Anyway, in a nutshell, all is well and I look forward to sharing more of my wanderings with everyone :)

Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement and support!

P.S. My Etude House Giveaway is ending tomorrow!


  1. I've lived in Barcelona my whole life and I'm still discovering the city ;> I hope you've recovered from the cold and the jet lag and you are feeling fine now. Take care!

  2. Three t-shirts!!! That just means you'll get to buy some of the local designs there. :)

    You found a pretty wonderful way to spend time before heading out on the adventure. Some of my favorite moments have involved local exploration. I like old buildings too, even dilapidated abandoned ones. What happened? How did they end up that way? What was it used for? Who lived there? etc., etc.

    I'm sure the folks you are missing are also missing you just as much (maybe more, because they're not distracted by being in a cool, new place).


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