Review: TonyMoly Perfect Eyes Water-proof Liner in REAL BLACK


Hellooooo world :) Even though I haven't been updating much at all, I actually have been busy trying the vast array of lovely skincare and makeup items in Korea (yes, life is so hard)...but I finally had to update because I've come across an AWESOME product I just had to share. It almost makes up for the fact I wasn't with my fam for Thanksgiving :(

The Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner has been my favorite eyeliner forever but I bought a new liner a few weeks ago and oh well, the Koji love affair was nice while it lasted ;)

Comes in 5 colors :)

I picked this baby up on whim (omg I love 50% sales) after my Dolly Wink started drying out. I had heard from a friend that TonyMoly is known for their excellent eyeliners - especially their gel liners - but I prefer liquid liners, so I got that instead.

Purchased: TonyMoly store

Cost: ~$6.00 it was 50% off (FYI never buy anything full price at Korean makeup stores, the frequency they have sales is phenomenal. For example, for Christmas, every bloody store is selling goods for 10% - 50% off almost every week).

Packaging: The box is a fingerprint-y black with holographic print. The eyeliner itself is in a sleek black tube, which is honestly a welcome relief from the pink polka-dotted Dolly Wink liner :\ (never liked Koji packaging tbh). The cap screws on and off; all in all, super simple packaging.

Ease of Use: It's very easy to draw a sharp, crisp line. The liquid formula dries in about 10-15 seconds, but if you blink before it dries, the liquid formula will migrate to your lower lash line. And if you mess up your line and don't clean it up within 5 seconds, even with a Q-tip+makeup remover, you won't be able to create a crisp line again because the liner will peel off unevenly and create a jagged edge. You defintely need to move fast when using this puppy.

Pigmentation: SUPER black. They weren't kidding about Real Black - no complaints there.

Formula: The liquid stuff is very inky and while it doesn't drip, it is a lot more liquid-y and wet than the Koji Dolly Wink, which applies like a marker. This TonyMoly liner on applies more like a gel-like paint.

Liner Point: The brush has a very fine point. Can't tell if it's a brush or a felt tip tho :\ My bet is on felt tip though... In any case, this brush is GREAT - it creates a very sharp, even, clean line without smudging. No complaints and I prefer it to the Koji one, whose bristles sometimes stick out.

To be fair, the Koji liner is several months older than the TonyMoly. The Koji liner is usually darker - tho not as dark and crisp as the TM one for sure.

Lasting Power: Very good. The TonyMoly one defintely longer lasting. It does not fade at all and stays sharp and crisp all day.

Waterproof? It is very waterproof. Defintely outdoes Koji in this department.

Ease of Removing? The Koji liner is defintely easier to remove; it comes off with just a bit of water. The TM one is a lot harder to remove - in fact it is a pain. It peels off like eraser shavings and these little bits have this way of getting all over your face and caught in your eyelashes :\


And because I am CRAZY and I love tables/charts/n shit - check out my little comparison chart. The cells highlighted in yellow is the product I feel is better :)

TonyMoly Perfect Eyes Water-proof LinerKoji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner
PackagingSleek, simple and black. Cap screws on.Pink with purple polka dots and bows. Cap clicks on.
Ease of UseIt's very easy to draw a sharp, crisp line. The liquid formula dries in about 10-15 seconds, but if you blink before it dries, the liquid formula will migrate to your lower lash line. And if you mess up the line you draw, you'll have to erase and re-draw the whole line again :PSuper easy to draw on a clean line and dries under 10 seconds. It is also very easy to clean up mess ups with just a drop of makeup remover+Qtip.
PigmentationSuper, super black.Fairly black.
FormulaInky, a bit wet, though it doesn't drip at all. You do need to dab the tip on the edge of tube before use tho. Think of it as a calligraphy brush.Applies like a marker. Formula is pretty black but gets quite a bit lighter as it dries out.
Liner PointHas a very fine point.  I think it's a felt tip, not a brush tip.A very fine brush tip, but sometimes a bristle hair will poke out.
Lasting PowerDefintely long-lasting. However, if you rub your eyes too much, eraser shavings (see below) start to form.Long lasting, so long you don't rub your eyes when your eyes water, like I do :P
Waterproof?Yes, for sure! It will flake a bit if you rub your eyes though.Not really, it comes right off with water or tears ;)
Ease of Removing?It rolls off in little "eraser shavings" and while the line you drew comes off easily with makeup remover - the darn eraser shavings have this way of sticking all over your face and getting caught in your eyelashes. Removing this is probably the thing I hate the most about this product :PComes off like magic with just a bit of water.

I recommend this product for people who want a sharp, crisp line that does not budge and doesn't mind a product that is a little hard to remove.

Anyway, I prefer the TonyMoly liner ^_^ It's not the perfect eye liner, but it's the closest to the perfect eye liner I've found so far ;)


  1. awesome review, you're always really detailed and thorough! I have the koji liquid liner too, it's a nice liner but kind of overhyped. I expected it to be magic when I got it because I heard so much about it and it is a nice eyeliner....but it's just a nice eyeliner, lol. the color comes out watery and greyish sometimes, inconsistently. I like the brand tonymoly a lot are you going to try more of their products? I got the gel eyeliner and the pigmentation is super black but it smudged really bad and gave me panda eyes. the liquid liner sounds way better.

  2. ohh will have to check out this liner next time I make a trip to Seoul. i quite like Tonymoly. thanks for the detailed chart :D

  3. that sounds like a good trade off. my eyeliner is drying out so it's not as black anymore and that gets a bit annoying. and haha I love mexico hae you seen this hidden beach by puerto vallarta?! but we're still going to indonesia and whatever right? ;)


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