Hellooo 2014!


"Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum in Seogwipo City in Jeju. I was surprised how much fun I had!
The outside looks like Howl's moving castle right ^_^?

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Wowwwww, color me surprised! It's 2014! Holy shit....how have I been in Korea for six months already? I feel like that time is going all too fast~ And honestly I haven't done a lot of things I wanted to so yet...indeed no matter where you are, it's easy to fall into a mundane routine x_X

But what a delightful mundane life it is.... I have time for art, a little Pilates, and next month I'll be booking it to Hong Kong and Macau for a few days. When I came to Korea I was still so tangled up in this fear that I was doing the wrong thing and that I would regret everything....but now I'm not so worried about that. If everything I did was a mistake...then ok. It was a mistake. I know I can get myself out of it. If I have to, I can start from the bottom again (tho it won't stop me from complaining about it along the way ^_~).

I'm sorry I have not been sharing my journey on my blog at all...it hard to draw the line between living life and recording it. When I'm out there living life, doing things worth writing about, I have no time to write. But when I have time to write, I'm usually not doing anything worth writing about.

Anyway, this is a long post because per my usual style, I procrastinated and have a huge backlog of pics I want to share~ But if you're bored, click to see more after the jump ^_^

I'm a little behind but here's my K-vlog so far. There are about 5 videos in the playlist :)
Though at this rate I'll have them all up 6 months after I get back to America.

Obviously 2013 was a big year for me, so let's see how I did on on my 2012 Resolutions...

2013 New Year's Resolutions

1.) Electronic address book
  • Did it! Twas easy, maybe cuz I don't have that many friends x_X

2.) Make 6 videos this year on any topic
  • Even though I did accomplish this, I really wish I could make videos more often. Like once a week or something. I feel like I have so many ideas! Bursting! Out! Of! My! Head! but gahhhh I don't know how others do it. So baby steps...maybe 1 video a month?

3.) Write 1 blog post/week
  • Gahhh...I've been so bad :( My poor blog! My poor YT! Tbh, I thought about quitting blogging and making videos (not that I do much of either rn) but I just can't bear the idea of deleting my stuff. Even though I sorta feel like I'm too old for these kind of shennanigans at a time I should be more concerned about how I haven't invested into my IRA for 6 months and saving for a house - I dunno, I feel like I'd be killing my babies!

4.) Take a Korean class to brush up before I travel to Korea (hopefully) this summer. If not, just finish the darn workbook.

5.) Take a class on Avid
  • Not too broken up over this though. My laptop can barely tolerate FCP ^^

6.) Donate $100 to H4H and $100 to 1 other charity before April 2013

7.) Travel to at least 1 overseas country
  • bwheeh, I did this! In fact I up and moved to one for a year ;)

So, overall - not bad! 5 out of 7. I still feel wretched about my blog and YT though :(

Upper LT: Cute cow mural in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea
Upper RT: Funny Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets - "Oh~~ No~~" and "If you tear this open, take responsibility!!"
Bottom: Try "Love on Pop" popsicles if you can! They are a bit pricy but they taste very natural and fresh.
I found these at Shinsaegae Busan. Crepes in Seoul - they are gigantic! And more pretty cupcakes~
The one in the back is a mini gingerbread house!

My 2013 Epiphany

People say when you travel, you get all sorts of epiphanies. But I've only had one so far....and it's this: learning languages can actually be fun!

I despised learning new languages ever since High School. You see, in HS Spanish class, I sat behind this really smart, good-looking, cool etc etc boy - you know one of THOSE boys. AND he was super nice so I couldn't really hate him....all I could do is cringe in embarrassment when the teacher gave back tests and my test was always under his....so he'd always see my 66/70/maybe on a good day 85 under his 95 or usually 100.... He never said anything mean, but his sympathetic smile somehow as he passed it back somehow made it even worse....

So, as soon as I graduated HS, I decided I'd never take another language course again. I always got crappy grades in Spanish and wtf I could barely speak Korean....so I figured I just sucked at learning languages and whatever. I didn't want to do something I sucked at anymore.

Then I came to Korea.... On the Busan subway there was a group of Japanese tourists. There were 3 generations of them - a granny, parents, and three kids. One of the kids was a baby, a chubby cheeked thing that was both annoying (kept crying) yet crazy cute because it had these puffy chipmunk cheeks. A few Koreans grannies began commenting how adorable the baby was; one wistfully said it would be lovely to hold such a cute baby. However, since these were tourists, they kept their distance. Suddenly this old Korean 할아버지 (Haraboji) grandfather with a cane just click-clacked up to the father holding the baby and started speaking fluent Japanese. I couldn't understand what he is saying, but I knew it was good because the Haraboji called the grannies to come take a closer peek at the baby. There is cooing all around and quite frankly, the baby seems very pleased with all the attention :) The grannies got off at the next station but the Haraboji and father continued to chat all the way to Busan Station. As the family got off the train the father suddenly turned around and bowed to the Haraboji and said 감사합니다 (thank you) in Korean.

I think everybody knows how strained the relationship between Japan and Korea is, but in that moment, none of that mattered at all....

.....I should've paid more attention during my Spanish classes :P

All pics from the Haeundae area in Busan.
There were kids feeding snacks to the seagulls on the beach...it was all strangely very magical.....

2014 New Year's Resolutions

1.) Work on my Korean - especially my reading skillz. To that goal - finish 2 Talk to Me in Korean workbooks. And 1 comic book series in Korean :)
  • I'm reading Attack on Titan in Korean right (omg. or should I say 'omo' ;) it's so good!) and while I am getting better - OMG I READ SO SLOWLY. I wanna know what happens but between sounding out words and looking up words... it's gonna take me a year to catch up ;_; Plus I'm so impatient I keep cheating and looking up pages on mangareader....

2.) Memorize 180 Chinese characters. Or take at least 1 Mandarin class after I get back to the US.
  • So even though I'm still hacking away at Korean like a 5 year old, if I just memorize 1 character every other day or so, I'd feel extra cool if I could read a bit of Hanja and maybe catch up with the 6th graders in Korea that learn Chinese in grade school. Then in a year or two I'll be at least at a middler schooler's level....:P

3.) Work on my Spanish by finishing all the lessons on Duolingo.

  • Despite my crappy grades in Spanish, I'm surprised to see I remember a lot more Spanish than I thought I would~ I've been brushing up on my Spanish via Duolingo, which btw, is the BEST Spanish learning app out there in my opinion :)

4.) Put up my portfolio website.

  • I've been wanting to put up my portfolio for ages (3 years -_-) and for chrissake I need to get that thing up before I DIE I SWEAR. In my mind it's just 4 pages, sleek, simple, so so simple...YET IT'S STILL NOT UP. I should really move this to #1 on my list.

5.) 1 video a month.

  • Not sure if I'm going to be able to do this because I am a ball of procrastination, but since I'm feeling optimistic considering my 2013 Resolutions...! Let's try for just ONE video a month. I really feel like I have all these interesting ideas for videos (aka not just boring ol review videos) and I'm curious to know if they are actually good ideas or just ideas that sound good in my head.

6.) Outline my book.

  • I've had this fantasy story rattling around in my head for 15 some years now and I've always dreamed of publishing it. But I always told myself there was no point bc it would be so hard to get published. But seeing how awesomely easy it is to self-publish these days, I really have no excuse not to just try writing this book and share this story with the world ^_^ I signed up for Nanowrimo in November, but I didn't make the word count :( But hey, writing is a round the year activity and there's no reason I should wait till next year to write again ^_^

So those are my 2014 resolutions! Let's so how it goes :)


  1. lol. Right now, at this point in life, I miss being mundane. Thanks for sharing your pictures. They're fun.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. Hey! Happy New Year! If you need to practice your Spanish, or need any help with it, you can always contact me. I'll be delighted to help you. I've always liked learning languages. I just bought the Talk To Me In Korean Level 1 book. I stumbled accross the Talk To Me in Korean website last month and took some of their free lessons before I went to Seoul for Christmas. I know I will be back again, because I didn't visit every place I wanted to and I feel that I didn't buy as many things as I should have bought (though I got paper masks for at least 4 months LOL). So, that next time, I want to be able to understand Korean and get myself understood in Korean.

  3. Happy new year! I like reading about how you are, and especially about what you've done - I'm going to Seoul for a week in the Summer! I've always pondered over the idea of making YT videos, but as I've been so bad with blogging, I doubt I'd get very far with consistent videos.. I was so happy to see you your video in my subscription box though! Your videos are so easy to watch, and it always feels like you're talking to us as if we're your friends. I'd take one a month over none at all!


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