sorry sorry sorry


Sorry! Sorry I couldn't resist ;) what can I say, it's a catchy song! So....the point of this post....


I recorded the video earlier this momth, spent 2 weeks editing, and planned to export and upload it right before I leave for Seoul.  Well, iMovie decided to be a little *bleep* and did that thing where the audio de-synchronizes about 10 minutes into the clip. AGAIN!!! This is the bloody 3rd time it's done this!!  I couldn't fix it in time to catch my flight (which incidentally got delayed 5 hours because of microdust from China passing through Seoul ○_•), so in a February review video will be up on March 2 after I get back home. So it will be a February-ish review ;)

I really wish my laptop could handle FCP..... I swear if I ever meet an iMovie developer, I would have WORDS. And by words I mean punches.

Review: Skinfood Water Gel Masks


I saw these Gel Masks at the the Skinfood store a couple weeks ago and I just had to try 'em! Skinfood's Facial Water Vita-A Gel Masks are still in my Top 3 favorite masks of all time, so I had very high expectations indeed....

Per usual, I adore Skinfood's marketing angle - there's something so refreshing and pure sounding about these new Water lines ^_^ Sounds perfect for a face that suffers from hyper-pigmentation and swelling right?

I shall miss your egg tarts...


So I just got back from my Macau/Hong Kong trip. For people following my Twitter, it may have seemed like a standard sightseeing trip - aka see the HK skyline, tour Bird Street, visit casinos....but there was a shit ton going on behind the scenes let me tell you.

In a nutshell, there was a lot of egg tarts, pineapple-less pineapple bread, ankle spraining, diarrhea, dry heaves, coughing, and fainting naked in bathrooms of luxury hotels....GAHAHHAHA!!!?!??

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest....pix, reviews, and all that jazz coming up! (As soon as I process this crazy, unforgettable, amazing, and traumatizing trip.)
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