Review: Skinfood Water Gel Masks


I saw these Gel Masks at the the Skinfood store a couple weeks ago and I just had to try 'em! Skinfood's Facial Water Vita-A Gel Masks are still in my Top 3 favorite masks of all time, so I had very high expectations indeed....

Per usual, I adore Skinfood's marketing angle - there's something so refreshing and pure sounding about these new Water lines ^_^ Sounds perfect for a face that suffers from hyper-pigmentation and swelling right?

These gel masks are from Skinfood's new "water"-based line that have 3 "types" of water, Deep Sea Water, Glacier Water, and Thermal Water. All of these sets come with a matching Multi-Water Toner, a Multi-Gel (a moisturizer, I think), as well as a cheaper sheet mask (aka just a cotton/paper mask, not a gel mask).

I was only interested in the Gel Masks, so I will only be reviewing the Deep Sea Water and Glacier Water Gel Masks.

Cost: $1,500 Won = ~$1.50 USD at a Skinfood store

A deep sea water-infused cooling hydrogel mask that helps purify and brighten skin as it gradually melts over time.

A glacier water-infused cooling hydrogel mask that seals moisture skin as it gradually melts over time.
Directions: Open the pouch and remove the film from the mask. Apply the mask to the face. And than remove after 20 to 30 minutes. For best results. Use immediately after sun exposure or to soothe irritated skin. (Either side of the mask can be worn.)

Packaging: While the envelope is quite ordinary - the mask itself is very interesting! It did not look like a gel mask at all! More like a cloth mask. This mask comes in 2 pieces. Each cloth piece is covered with something slick (the gel) and comes between two pieces of plastic film. Honestly, all the pieces of plastic film are a little annoying.

Fit: You would think that since the mask comes in two pieces it would be "extra" adjustable, but quite frankly, I found it cumbersome. For one thing, this mask itself is kind of "heavy" and doesn't stick to your face as well as a paper mask does, so the pieces tend to slide around on your face. Also I had a lot excess mask around my temples; that's not a really a bad thing though I guess.

Mask Texture: The mask texture is quite smooth and slick - while it doesn't LOOK like a gel mask, it does feel like one.

Shape of the mask.

Deep Sea Water Gel Mask
Essentially scentless. I can't put my finger on what it smells like, but it is very mild.

Glacier Water Gel Mask
Smells slightly more fragrant than the Deep Sea Water, it reminds me of Glade Laundry scent. It smells clean, fresh, but artificial and a bit stronger than I'd like.

Deep Sea Water Gel Mask - Brightening
A deep sea water-infused cooling hydrogel mask that helps purify and brighten skin as it gradually melts over time.
Glacier Water Gel Mask - Toning/Soothing
A glacier water-infused cooling hydrogel mask that seals moisture skin as it gradually melts over time.
Overall Experience:
Deep Sea Water Gel Mask
I don't think this gel "melted" into my face in any way but it did have that cooling effect I love~ And it wasn't just the cooling effect of putting something wet on my face I swear, cuz this felt a lot cooler than the Glacier Water Gel Mask, I don't know why. I guess water from the Deep Sea is cooler than Glacier water? (trying to find a way to sound less ignorant and it's not...working....)

Anyway, putting this on my face was a hassle for sure. It took me a while to stick the 2 pieces on my face; once I got one piece in place, the other piece would move (life is so hard ^_~). Since it didn't stick to my face very well I couldn't move around much, so I just took a nap for 15 minutes. When I took it off my face, I suppose my face did look brighter and less red. It felt nice.

Glacier Water Gel Mask
It didn't feel quite as cool as the Deep Sea Water mask when I put it on. I won't rehash the whole experience, but honestly, for whatever reason, I didn't like this mask very much. For some reason actually, my face felt WARM and because I was worried about getting a reaction, I took it off after just 5 minutes. I didn't end up getting a rash or anything, but obviously, I'm not trying the mask again. It was supposed to make your face more moisturized, tone and soothe your face. I don't think my face felt more moisturized afterwards and certainly not soothed :(

Of the two masks, I preferred the Deep Sea Water Gel Mask. But REALLY overall, I like the Skinfood Facial Water Vita-A/B/C gel masks best. The gel-ness, scent and effect of the Vita Masks are much better. In a nutshell, if you're curious about these Water Gel Masks, try the Deep Sea Water one. If you just want a gel mask, the Facial Water Vita masks are best :)


  1. Very interesting, I've never tried face masks from them before but I like the thought of the gel lining! I'm trying to use more masks and should really check them out too!

  2. I bought the Thermal Water one when I was in Seoul and I have yet to try it. I went crazy buying paper masks but this is actually the only gel mask I bought. I was tempted to get some Placenta gel masks by Koreana because I tried one and I really liked it, but those were a bit out of my budget.

  3. I was always curious about gel masks. I have one from Missha sitting in my 'samples/freebies' box, but I've always been wary about using it. Have you tried any other gel masks? Would you say you prefer them to regular sheet masks?

    Great review, I'm actually curious about trying the Deep Sea Water one, since I have sensitive skin, prone to redness, which it would, hopefully, help with ^_^

  4. Thanks for the review of the gel masks dear :) I love masks and went through a phase where I did a lot of sheet masks but I'm loving using just normal masks from a tub/tube right now :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  5. Hmmm....interesting. I am thinking of trying it out. It seems like a great product to try out. I will check on this and see for myself the effects. Thanks for letting us know =)

  6. These masks seem great. I'd love to try something by the Skinfood brand :)


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