sorry sorry sorry


Sorry! Sorry I couldn't resist ;) what can I say, it's a catchy song! So....the point of this post....


I recorded the video earlier this momth, spent 2 weeks editing, and planned to export and upload it right before I leave for Seoul.  Well, iMovie decided to be a little *bleep* and did that thing where the audio de-synchronizes about 10 minutes into the clip. AGAIN!!! This is the bloody 3rd time it's done this!!  I couldn't fix it in time to catch my flight (which incidentally got delayed 5 hours because of microdust from China passing through Seoul ○_•), so in a February review video will be up on March 2 after I get back home. So it will be a February-ish review ;)

I really wish my laptop could handle FCP..... I swear if I ever meet an iMovie developer, I would have WORDS. And by words I mean punches.


  1. Girl, where have you been?? I miss your posts. I hope all is well in Korea. Maybe I'll see you there when I arrive in August. ;)

  2. Ahhh. You made me play the song! Miss you!

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