A February-ish Review + TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow


Gahhh, I swear iMovie was conspiring against me!  So here is my February(-ish) video in March ^_^ I didn't review very much yet it's a strangely long video....I talk too much :P I also feel like I look weirdly plump....gah...must stop eating ramen at 2AM :(

Products reviewed:
  • TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow in #2 Gray Brown
  • Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner in #01 Black
  • TonyMoly Cool Eye Stick
  • Sugar Fresh Lip Balms in ROSE and CLEAR

Also, what do you want to see next time? I'd say in the March review, but I feel like that's being too...optimistic... ^_~

What would you like to see reviewed next time?

Closes March 26

And as promised, here is a full review of the TonyMoly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow...

  • Creamy powder type to fit smoothly without lump and create natural eyebrow.
  • High long lasting powder remains clean color for hours with powerful feeling against sweat and sebum. 
  • Conditioning effect takes care of with moisturizing and smooth feeling to create healthy eyebrow.

  • Mix color with built in brush and apply according to eyebrow lightly.
  • Creates gradation naturally with bold color to finish end of eyebrow.

Cost: ~$6.00 USD

Packaging: Nice! Makes a nice click as you close it. Fingerprints show on the case, but it's easy to wipe and overall, it's a clean, tidy design.  The brush/sponge duo is a little cheap though.

Color Texture: A little grainy with minor fallout (as you can see in the pic below).

Color Payoff: It's not super pigmented but it builds quite easily.  I think this is good as it allows you to create natural looking brows.

Lasting power: It lasts all day, though honestly, I can see it rubs off a bit when I scratch my eyebrow.

#2 Gray Brown
Left: On skin.    Right: On white paper.

This palette is great for those with dark hair.  The #1 Natural Brown color would be good for people who have dark brown hair or dyed it a milk brown color; it's a little too light for me.

As someone who has used maybe 2 eyebrow products in her life, I'm no expert. But I find this product really easy to use, carry around, and though it's something I could live without - I do find it really does enhance my face when I use it.  It creates very natural looking brows (just start from the center then the drag color out too the inner and outer tips) and easy to rub off if you mess up.

So yes, I would recommend this to beginners who want a little eyebrow enhancement and have dark black/brown hair :)


  1. Ramen tastes the best at 2am! :P I'm going to Seoul this Summer and I'm so glad you're doing reviews on products I've never heard of - it means I won't fall into the "ahhhh, everything is so cute/cool/pretty/amazing/different - I must have it" trap. I'll be staying in Myeongdong too, so I can't wait to try some of the things that you've been liking!
    You said you've only used two other eyebrow products - what were they, and did you like them? I'm using the Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil at the moment. It's good, but I'd quite like to discover new things if you have any recommendations! :) Xx

  2. I still haven't started using brow products yet. It's still an issue of having too much brow rather than too little with me!


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