The Limited Scandal Collection FINALLY on Sale


The Limited, seriously one of my favorite brands ever, is pretty good about having sales, but has been REALLY holding back on the Scandal collection forever! But HURRAY, it's FINALLY on Sale!

Use the coupon code below for 50% off store-wide, 40% off Scandal apparel and FREE shipping! AND if you have The Limited credit card, you get another 10% off!  Even by The Limited standards, it's a good sale and after a quick look over, it doesn't seem like they marked things up the original prices either!

PLUS you can use Ebates* to get an additional 1.5% cashback too!  

* Referral link, thanks :)

Review: Laneige Water Drop Nail Lacquer


I really liked the packaging, so I picked up Color 03 Blue Ocean at Aritaum a couple months ago. I don't wear nail polish much anymore, but I was in a shopping mood.

The Laneige Water Drop Nail Lacquer was a Limited Edition release and the selling point was that it's a tinted nail polish you can mix-&-match to create that pretty gradient effects. Promising, neh?

Inside Architecture 101's Cafe de Seoyeon


Jeju Island is littered with film locations (Daejangguem, Chuno, Boys Before Flowers) and one of the places I visited was the famous "Seoyeon's House," which was featured in the popular Korean movie, Architecture 101 (건축학개론).   The movie was a pretty big hit and had a star-studded cast, so I was quite excited to check it out.

Turns out that the house was specifically built for the film and actually located in Jeju, just like in the film. After filming concluded, the house was turned into a cafe - Cafe de Seoyeon. Unfortunately, in August 2012, a typhoon destroyed most of the house and while it was rebuilt in the same spot following the same blueprints, it's NOT the exact same house where all the filming was done.

Review: Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle Cream


I was really excited to do this review because it is 1 of maybe 4 products I got introduced to in Korea and loved enough to bring back to the US.  This is part of Innisfree's eco science white C line (which all smell lovely btw).  I picked this product up solely based on the awesome bottle design :) Also, I was looking for a gentle sunscreen to apply around my eyes because face sunscreens sting my eyes.

Innisfree is defintely my favorite Korean skincare brand right now (I like them more than Skinfood now!), but it is strangely unpopular outside of Asia.  They have no stores in the US and are quite hard to find for a fair price online - those Amazon sellers are selling Innisfree for a small fortune!!  Anyway, Innisfree is all about using natural ingredients from Jeju (incidentally, where I was living for most of 2014).  Not only do I love their marketing angle and clean, simple packaging, their products seem quite effective and all smell great :)

Ok...I'm getting ahead of myself...

As Seen On: Scandal, The Limited Check Trench Coat


Oh man it's been forever since I updated! I had all these visions about updating whilst I was traveling but aha, you can see how well that went ;) I have to hand it to travel bloggers, I don't know how they do it. When I travel I barely have the time or energy to take pictures much less blog about what I'm doing.

Anyway, my lovely year-long sabbatical/hiatus has officially come to a close and I am now back in the States. I can't believe it's been 1.5 years since I wrote about quitting my job to travel + live in Korea, time F*CKING FLIES. There's no other way to say it. I plan on making a separate series of posts (or maybe videos? What do you think?) about my experience, but for now let's cut to the actual topic of this post :) I just wanted to say HELLO. Though god knows if anyone reads this blog considering how crappy I am about posting on it bwaha

In any case, as much as I rather enjoyed not having a phone for 3-4 months while traveling etc., I still managed to watch a buttload of TV. And finally I see the genius of Shonda Rhimes! I never watched Grey's Anatomy, but gosh do I love Scandal! Scandal reminds me a lot of my old worker bee life, with the brisk, slightly bitter DC vibe. But one thing, very un-DC-esque I especially loved about the show was the FASHION.

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