Review: Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle Cream


I was really excited to do this review because it is 1 of maybe 4 products I got introduced to in Korea and loved enough to bring back to the US.  This is part of Innisfree's eco science white C line (which all smell lovely btw).  I picked this product up solely based on the awesome bottle design :) Also, I was looking for a gentle sunscreen to apply around my eyes because face sunscreens sting my eyes.

Innisfree is defintely my favorite Korean skincare brand right now (I like them more than Skinfood now!), but it is strangely unpopular outside of Asia.  They have no stores in the US and are quite hard to find for a fair price online - those Amazon sellers are selling Innisfree for a small fortune!!  Anyway, Innisfree is all about using natural ingredients from Jeju (incidentally, where I was living for most of 2014).  Not only do I love their marketing angle and clean, simple packaging, their products seem quite effective and all smell great :)

Ok...I'm getting ahead of myself...

Purchased: Innisfree store.

Also, I stumbled upon the English Innisfree website (their support email is the korean website domain), but they don't carry all the products, including this one.  So, while it's not a very impressive website, it does seem to be run by the actual Innisfree company though (versus middlemen). They offer free shipping for purchases over $50 USD, but it seems rather expensive to me somehow. Korean makeup brands really needs to work on their English web presence, it's so disjointed.

Cost: 18,500W, so around $16 USD.

This item's selling points are:

  • how it provides Day and Night eye care in one package
  • Vitamin C and green tea to help lighten dark circles 

This eye cream contains Jeju tangerine peel and green tea to generate a double effect to take care of all your eye worries day and night.

Who knows what a "double effect" is? I swear...I have no idea how to translate these blurbs sometimes.

Packaging: One of my favorite aspects about this product. I LOVE LOVE how one side is an SPF cream for the day and the other a light, easily absorbed gel cream for night.  Both pumps work decently enough and the matte cap snaps on perfectly.  This is a perfect travel product - everything you need for eye care all in one! And BEST of all - it's a pump so no dunking your dirty hands into the entire product; it is all very hygienic.

Ease of Use: Easy to use.  You just need a 1/2 pea size amount.  Dab it under each eye and gently pat in. Orange side is for daytime use, the white for Night time use (duh). You don't need much, a little goes a long way.

I usually apply the Day cream as a first step before moisturizing the rest of my face and applying makeup.

The Night cream, I apply during my night time routine. Nothing special.

Scent: GREAT. The orange side has a distinct citrus scent to it, but it isn't that strong.  It's very pleasant. The white side has a HINT of a citrus scent to it, I think. But overall, it is scentless compared to the Day side.

Texture: The Day cream is a light cream.  It takes a bit more work to pat in because it has a hint of shimmer in it. The Night cream is gel like and absorbs like a dream.  It's not super moisturizing, but it does add a decent amount of hydration.

Effectiveness: To be fair, I don't have any wrinkles/sunspots around my eyes nor am I over 30. However, I am all about prevention and after a sunspot cropping up on my mum's face right under her eye - the ONE place she doesn't put on sunscreen - I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Eye creams are one of those products that is really hard to judge.  I could pamper just one eye for 6 months and compare the effects but quite frankly I'm too in love with my face to take care of only half my face for review purposes :\

All I'll say is that 1.) It hasn't broken me out 2.) the skin around my eyes is softer 3.) it has helped me take care of my skin while traveling since it comes to conveniently packaged.

Appearance on face: The Day cream has a hint of shimmer to it.  It is not very obvious, but it does brighten the area around your eyes subtly, especially in photos.  The glitter is very fine so there is no chunkiness. Overall, I actually really appreciate the shimmer because it brightens up my face, especially when I don't wear makeup.  Furthermore, I have chronic dark circles so I appreciate the help :)

The Night cream is just a gel cream that absorbs without any residue.

Each side contains 10ml and after 6 months of almost daily use, I haven't run out yet.  I mostly like this product because it has gotten me into the habit of protecting the delicate skin around my eyes day & night, smells lovely, and is great to travel with.  I can't speak on whether it is actually preventing anything, but based on the hydrating quality and SPF alone, I am sure it isn't hurting :)

While I do NOT think my dark circles are lighter, I do feel like the skin around my eyes is much more plump/soft.  This is probably due to my pampering that area more more than this being a miracle product, but I like how this product has helped me get into the habit of taking care of the area around my eyes even when I'm on the road.

In other words, I recommend this product to peeps in their 20s who don't need an expensive heavy duty anti-wrinkle cream, but are looking for a decent product to start taking good care of the skin around your eyes. Thus hopefully staving off wrinkles/sunspots for a couple of years :)


  1. Oh this is so interesting ^^
    I might give a try someday
    Its packaging is so unique and convenient to use ♡
    Great review! :D

    ☆ ☆

  2. I love this brand too. But it's really hard to find in the US ;p I don't know why they're not as popular though!

  3. nice review! i'm glad you are back to blogging!! i wonder if i can find this brand in korea-town here in tokyo?? adventure!!

    1. Yes, I heard they have an Innisfree in the Tokyo Koreatown, but I'm not sure where exactly ^^


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