Review: Laneige Water Drop Nail Lacquer


I really liked the packaging, so I picked up Color 03 Blue Ocean at Aritaum a couple months ago. I don't wear nail polish much anymore, but I was in a shopping mood.

The Laneige Water Drop Nail Lacquer was a Limited Edition release and the selling point was that it's a tinted nail polish you can mix-&-match to create that pretty gradient effects. Promising, neh?

BUT when I tried it the next day, I found it really annoying to apply. You have essentially coat your nail 4-5 times, after waiting for each layer to dry.

Yeah, I get it - no pain no beauty, but I had no patience for it. This polish does not dry that quickly, so to achieve the subtle gradient affect you need to wait at least 10 minutes for each layer, easily resulting in 30-40 minutes of work...more if you applied a base and top coat.

Long story, short: I messed up. I didn't wait long enough between layers and if you don't the bottom layer clumps. I got frustrated (and forgot to take pictures) and put this aside for another time.

Then 4 months later I decided to try again and found this -

What the holy f*ck.

At first I thought I was going color blind.

It turned poop brown! And I actually dabbed some on my nail out of curiosity and yeah, it tints your nails brown too.

Packaging: The glass bottle is quite chic. I like the overall simplistic look. The clean, streamlined packaging is probably the only thing I like about this product.

Color: Blue is one of my favorite colors, but as a tint, it looked very unattractive on my nails. Like zombie nails. That said, when I applied this (when it was an actual blue color), it did produce the same color true to the promo pictures.

Formula: Obviously, there's something up with this. This polish was at MOST 6 months old and for it to have it turn brown when it's not even that old seems like a serious formula problem.

Application: That aside, I also found this formula a little hard to work with. For a polish that needs so many layers, it dried really slowly and was unforgiving about any mistakes. I would say only the extremely patient would be able to work with this. Also, I did have a base coat on (Aritaum Modi Base Coat) so unless you HAVE to use the Laneige base coat, that shouldn't have been a problem.

Brush: Right out of the box, the brush was already a little frayed looking. It didn't affect the polish application much since the lacquer was just a tint, but it was a little annoying to look at.

Obviously, I don't recommend this product to anyone. However, let it never be said I don't try to review things fairly. Pastel Boulevard also reviewed these polishes and got a beautiful result, so if maybe it was just me.


  1. Oh wow, what a fantastic nail polish effect.. sooo gorgeous!! I want to try all the colors =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  2. hey Elle~~ how ya doin!!?? I recently came back to blogger too! and I'm so happy when I see your new post on my blog feed. like omggg... Elle's still blogging! haha ♥♥
    btw this water drop thing!!! I want number 1 and 2 they're so beautiful > u <

  3. Hey you :) I am so glad to see that you have posted!!! I would have no patience for this nail polish although its a nice idea

  4. Ohh these colours make such beautiful gradient nails~ ^ ^
    I think that they would be lovely to wear for Spring and Summer time! ^ - ^


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