2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry


Four long years ago I did an Etsy Holiday 2010 gift series that featured a couple of my favorite Etsy stores. Even though I haven't posted any Gift Guides since, I've continued curating lists of indie shops I adore. Thus with the gift-giving season fast approaching, I thought it was high time to do another Gift Guide series! This time around I won't just be listing Etsy shops though, though many are indeed from Etsy :) Enjoy!

Note: In this series, I'll only be introducing shops that I haven't mentioned before so if you like, take a peek at what I posted in 2010:

2010 Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Shop: Untamed Menagerie

This shop has a moody, fragilegothic air I find quite charming. Everything is wonderfully crafted and comes packaged in a branded box all ready for gift giving. I have the bunny earrings and a butterfly necklace :) Their work has gotten even more detailed over the years, although the selection has shrunk somewhat. They used to have a much bigger range of unusual necklaces, but in their stead, their ring collection has improved drastically in quality with interesting gems and intricate stacked rings.

Shop: LizGlizz Shop

Her funny, adorable Pokemon, Adventure Time, and Mario earrings are what keep me checking out her shop, but she sells necklaces and tie pins too! Her Mario Piraña Plant Earrings are probably her most famous item (it's the one that caught my eye). I haven't actually purchased anything here yet, but she has pretty good ratings and it is very affordable :)

Shop: Little Gold

Little Gold is filled with minimalistic, feminine pieces studded with natural gems and bits of quartz. I actually met one of the co-owners on my tour to North Korea; checked it out out of curiosity and I have to say, they have IMPECCABLE taste in jewelry. While some of their pieces are quite expensive, a lot of them are also very affordable if you root around a bit. You can tell their selection is very carefully curated; I love is how each piece looks very one-of-a-kind and everything is handmade by local artisans. They also recently released their in-house designed jewelry and not only are they all reasonably priced, I love the faint slashes of gold and soft colored stones they seem to favor :)

There is actually a physical shop located in Victoria, BC, Canada (if you want to check it out). Sadly, this means for Americans, it is $15 for shipping, but if you spend $100+ shipping is free!

Shop: B9Studio

B9Studio is stocked with adorably sweet, simple necklaces and earrings, but it's their necklaces that really shine. From rounded stars, silver moons, puffy clouds, and little hearts all for under $40, this shop is a great place to find a little present for a fashionable friend.

Shop: Eclectic Eccentricity

A quirky, odd little shop with a large selection of whimsical designs; this shop is rife with lots of strange stones (druzy stones?), moon dust necklaces, even a harmonica necklace! Happily odd-ball and inspired by everything under sun from the weather to space. You really have to poke through the site yourself to enjoy all the peculiar little designs. I dig their fondness for crazy stones, random beads, and lockets - defintely a gem of a shop.

This shop is in Britain; even though I honestly try to rather avoid non-USA shops because of shipping hassles, sometimes I can't resist. Happily, they do deliver worldwide and shipping is ~$5 USD for Standard.

Shop: Huiyitan

I was a little hesitant to include this shop because I feel like it's somewhat extravagantly priced, especially since I don't like sterling silver because it tarnishes.  However, the designs are just so durn cute, I figured, why the heck not :) This Etsy shop is very popular for it's cute yet very minimalistic sterling silver stud earrings. Everything from twee dinosaurs, cotton ball clouds and wiener dogs are liberally sprinkled throughout.


  1. So super cute! I really love Etsy! You got me hooked on it actually :-) I especially love B9Studio and Little Gold! The crown right is to die for too!!

  2. omg b9studio has the cutest necklace ever!!!! I want some of them♥
    btw I loove your clean and professional layout :)

  3. so adorable! good finds, doll. how is your December so far? hope you are doing well.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  4. the gold leaf headband is amazing! and ahh love your new blog layout! so happy to see it! How have you been and how is being back home?!


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