Review: Skinfood Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel


I usually don't review samples/things I've only tried once, but I figured I'd put in my 2 cents in anyway since I doubt I'll be ever be buying a full size. That's not to say this mask isn't any good, but I'm just not very interested in "massage" products in general (the TonyMoly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream being an's too cute aha).

A hydrating massage gel with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that replenishes lost moisture and transforms dehydrated skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion.
[Royal Black Honey Story] Royal Black Honey is natural raw black honey from South Asian forests, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Royal Black Honey enriches with a myriad of nutrients that are amazingly good for the skin.

Huh, "honey-glazed" reminds me of a ham.

Cost: $12-13 USD on Amazon

Scent: It is unscented for the most part, but I SWEAR I smell a hint of floral. It's very mild though.

Texture: Smooth as silk, slick as oil. Perfect for massaging if that's your thing. It really glides onto your skin.

About 10 minutes after application. Goes on clear and the next morning, had soaked in completely (forgot to take a picture of that though).

Directions: Apply a thin, even layer to face and massage it for 3-5 minutes. You can rinse it off immediately afterwards or leave it on.

Experience: It feels quite nice applying it because it's a slick gel and very soothing as you massage it in. However, it's pretty obvious why you can only massage this for 3-5 minutes because it starts getting a little sticky (like honey, I guess) and your skin has soaked a lot of it up. In the Official Skinfood Image (see below), Skinfood claims that the gel doesn't get sticky at all that even bits of paper can be wiped off easily. However, I did happen to find the gel got a bit stickier over time. That said, it was nowhere near as sticky as actual honey.

I decided to leave it on my face because I'm a cheapskate and curious. To my surprise, the next morning, my skin had totally soaked it in! My face felt smooth, firm and "tight," yet when I touched it, I didn't feel any residue at all!

I had no skin reactions and it was an enjoyable experience. They give you a lot in the sample so I only managed to use half in one go even though I slathered it on. Sadly, I couldn't use the rest the next day because it had become goopy and sticky.

All things considered, I liked this product, but I probably would never buy the full size. I don't think it was quite as hydrating as I hoped, but my skin really did look and feel firmer and smoother the next day. This is one of those products that I wouldn't buy for myself because it's not my thing (sheet masks are still my #1), but would recommend to others who want a simple, decently soothing, wallet-friendly mask. If you need intense hydration, this will likely not be enough for you.

Also, for people who aren't aware, "massage" gels/masks are usually slick/smooth gels/creams and are supposed to be "massaged" into the skin in an upward/outward motion to facilitate not just absorption/hydration but also slim your face by "shifting fat around." If that makes any sense. While I don't think massaging your face is a bad thing - at the very least it'll get blood flowing, improving circulation and brighten your complexion temporarily. Overall, though, I don't believe any amount of massaging is going to make any lasting difference in your face size/shape. If it does, it would be only temporary.


  1. I thought it was gonna have an overbearing honey scent. ^_^

  2. It looks like a really great product. All the Korean packaging for skincare does! :p

  3. ohh looks like a good product, but too bad it's not as hydrating! love the new blog layout you got here too! Are you back at washington DC?

    1. Thanks! And yep, back in DC now! Feels like I never left honestly aha

  4. i love skin food products! this one seems like an interesting product to try. I'm glad that it does not have a strong scent. i have been sensitive to overbearing scents lately. >_<

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox


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