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After a year of not YTing at all, I had this weird urge to make a video last week. It took FOREVER because I was so out of the swing of it...I couldn't think of the right words to say, I forgot to adjust for white balance...tbh I forgot how much work it was xD... but it was fun!

Forever 21 Tiered Flounce-Sleeve Blouse - [HERE] - Med
Forever 21 Polka Dot Pleated Dress - [HERE] - Med
H&M Pattern-knit Sweater - [HERE] Small (I sized down)
H&M Blue Quilted Top - [can't find] - Med
ASOS Skater Dress With Mixed Ditsy & Tie Front - [HERE] - Size 8
ASOS Closet Tie Back Dress With Pockets in Floral Print - [HERE] - Size 8

For reference, I am a 36-27-32.  I have to say Closet is my newest brand of interest cuz lots of their dresses have pockets yeahhh! Anyway, thanks for watching/reading :)

What's your favorite clothing brand?


  1. hey nice stuff you bought!! haha this time of the year I always love shopping... so many sales!!

  2. Welcome back to the youtube scene and great choices!


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