Holika Holika Dot Liner VS Etude House Dot Liner


I love dot liners because it allows you to easily create a very natural "no makeup" look. I rarely bother eyeshadow and my favorite, every day look involves simply tightlining. A good dot liner makes it much easier to tightline and fill in the spaces between your lashes to create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without having to use mascara (yesh, I'm lazy).

So, when I came across these 2 dot liners, I had to try them both :) After using them for a year, I thought the time had come to compile my thoughts.

Other than superficial decorations, they are almost identical.

Swatches galore.

Etude House Drawing Show Dot Liner
(BK 801)
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner
(01 Black)
PackagingSlick, simple design with matte coating and a cap that clicks closed.Black, shiny tube covered with gold print. The gold print wears away. I owned one before the one you see in pictures above and it basically turned into a black tube.
Ease of UseEasy to use. You can dot it on or use it like a regular eye liner, BUT it has a tendency to "crack" if you try to clean up the edges. If you mess up, you'll need to remove the whole line and redraw it for a crisp line.Easy to use. You can dot it on or use it like a regular eye liner.

Easy to tidy up mess-ups with just a dab of makeup remover on a Qtip.
PigmentationVery black.Somewhat black, has a grayish undertone.
FormulaAt first blush, very good because it creates a very crisp, clean, dark line that does NOT bleed.

But as I mentioned above, it has a tendency to 'crack' and doesn't last as long as you'd think.
First impression is weak because line isn't pitch black and feathers/bleeds a little. But over time, I've come to like that quality because the effect is more subtle and natural looking. Overall, I think this formula is better.
Liner PointHas a stiffer brush that creates a more precise line, but I swear it's a little TOO sharp because I feel like it's too harsh on my sensitive waterline sometimes.Softer, tolerably precise tip.
Lasting PowerConsidering how black it goes on, you'd think it'd last longer, but it does not. Within a few minutes, the color starts transferring to my lower lash line (see picture below)Once it sets, it does not budge if you rub it without water. BUT if your eyes have a tendency to water a little, some color will transfer to your lower lash line (see picture below).

Waterproof?No. Even without water, this rubs off fairly easily, leaving dark smudges. With water, it rubs off even faster :\Not really. With a bit of water, it begins fading and leaving faint gray smudges. So, while I wouldn't call this waterproof, it doesn't leave ridiculous black smudges under your eyes like the EH one.
Ease of Removing?Ironically, this liner is rather hard to remove completely because it tends to collect in the fine lines of your skin and "ball up" leaving 'crumbs' everywhere (I really have no idea if that made any sense).It is easy to remove. You need makeup remover to get rid if it completely, but unlike the EH liner, but it doesn't ball up.
* Yellow = the one I prefer

Neither of these liners are like the Koji Wink liner, which can be wiped away with just water. You need makeup remover to get rid of them completely.

Taken after just an hour or so after application. You can see how the EH one has already transferred quite a bit to the lower lash line.
After 2-3 hours, I look like I've been dumped. The HH one isn't perfect either but it's better and usually that's as much smudging I get.

Ultimately, I prefer the Holika Holika Dot Liner. It's not perfect, but it's less prone to transferring, doesn't poke at my eyes, and looks more natural in the long run. Either way, I'm not 100% happy with either product. I have fleshy pouches under my eyes (I suppose it's technically aegyo-sal), but instead of making me look cuter it just picks up color from my upper waterline and gives me raccoon eyes.

The way I use the HH Dot Liner:

  1. Dot it between my lashes.
  2. If I have no choice, I use this to tightline as well, though it will result in some smudging. If I do have time, I use a waterproof gel liner to tightline instead.
  3. Turn it sideways to create a tiny flick at the corners of my eye.

There aren't that many dot liners on the market, so for now the Holika liner is my go to product, but I'm still keeping an eye peeled for a better one.


  1. I've seen these dotted eyeliners before either on a blog of YT and forgot about them. Seems like an interesting concept & the style of eye makeup look I tend to like too. Maybe I'll try the Holika Holika ones soon. Thanks for the comparison! :D

  2. hmmm...interesting! This is my first time to hear about these dotted eyeliners. They are indeed interesting. I wanna try them out. I think I will try the Holika one.

  3. hmm those dotted eyeliners are interesting, I've never tried one before. It looks like it works well though?! hope you had a great holiday and a great start to 2015!

  4. Great post, so detailed and helpful. I've never tried a dot eyeliner before - they look really interesting :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. Thank you for this comparison review! I am definitely considering getting the Holika Holika one but wanted to know if you ever found something better?

    1. Too Faced came out with their version of this years ago, not sure if it is still available. I was able to compare it with the Holika Holika one, and I recall liking the Too Faced one better because it was blacker and much easier to remove. Holika Holika tends to leave behind a very stubborn bluish-black residue that one needs to really work at it to remove.

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