Japan 2014: Gang Fight at Dotonbori + Umeda Sky Building


After dressing up in kimonos and making cup ramen, we headed over to the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka. It's the 18th tallest tower in the world!

LT: The iconic "eye in the sky" hole :)
RT 1: The pavement on the roof is lit with blacklights and glow in the dark pebbles!
RT2: Osaka at night!
RT3: Going down the escalator~

It was a rainy day so it was hard to get nice pics, but basically it's an observatory platform where you can see the cityscape of Osaka! The coolest thing on the roof (besides the view) was how the ground was paved with glow-in-the dark pebbles and lit with black lights.

One thing that was kind of misleading is that they call the observatory platform The Floating Garden Observatory. Just FYI there is no garden up there aha

Afterwards, we headed to Dotonbori, probably the most famous tourist attraction in Japan!

The Glico Man billboard is an icon of Osaka and it was super cool to see it in real life!
Loved the night life vibe of the area and all the crazy billboards.

The famous giant octopus, puffer fish and sushi!

I thought this family was so cute :) Dad and son wearing matching outfits and everything ^_^!


I have to say one of the most memorable experiences was witnessing a gang fight (sort of) on our last day in Dotonbori! It was friggin crazy! At first, me and my friend saw a TRAIL of red liquid going from the main street going all the way along the canal. We were like....hmm...someone's Halloween costume must be dripping or something. But wait, isn't it August? Is it food? Cherry juice? But it can't be blood - there's so much! We were so confused.

Then we saw a crowd of people and police cars. Three dudes covered in tattoos were just leaning against a police car while 10+ policemen were kind of milling around doing nothing. They looked exactly like Japanese gangsters you see on TV - that's when my friend told me it must be a fight between rival yakuza members. I don't know much about modern Japanese society, but according to her, yakuza are still very much present in Japan society and people, including policemen, fear them.

Whatever the case, none of the guys were arrested and hilariously enough, one of them just smoked a cigarette then hopped on a BIKE and peddled away, blood streaming down his face. From what it looked like, there were at least 3 guys fighting, which was why there was so much blood. Every guy had blood all over their face and knuckles, black eyes, and one guy's ear was bleeding like crazy.

I was so busy gawking I forgot to take any more pictures...but gosh, I'll never forget it!


  1. Wow, this sounds like quite a day! It must have been a little weird to see a Japanese gangster pedal off on a bike after the big fight. Ha not even a motorcycle, but a bike!


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