Kate Spade & Sea Turtles


I seriously had the hardest time trying to put together an image for this post.
In the end I gave up and just posted the most literal pic possible :)

Earlier this week I was in DC heading to an interview.  Naturally, I was dressed up and as a finishing touch, I had a Kate Spade bag slung over my shoulder.

Since I'd gotten lost earlier, I was in a rush with only 15 minutes left to get there.  As I scrambled to beat the timed crosswalk, I accidentally eye contact with one of the "Green Peacers," you know, the classic "save the whales" type that stand at street corners holding pamphlets armed with an overly friendly smile.  This one was a young guy who looked like a lumberjack with his plaid sweater, scruffy hat, and wild beard.  There was a large pair of "librarian glasses" perched on his nose. He headed towards me, pamphlets in hand, "Hey, do you have a second to talk about sea turtles?" Usually, I'll take a minute to listen to their little elevator speech, but today I had no time for chatting.

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