Kate Spade & Sea Turtles


I seriously had the hardest time trying to put together an image for this post.
In the end I gave up and just posted the most literal pic possible :)

Earlier this week I was in DC heading to an interview.  Naturally, I was dressed up and as a finishing touch, I had a Kate Spade bag slung over my shoulder.

Since I'd gotten lost earlier, I was in a rush with only 15 minutes left to get there.  As I scrambled to beat the timed crosswalk, I accidentally eye contact with one of the "Green Peacers," you know, the classic "save the whales" type that stand at street corners holding pamphlets armed with an overly friendly smile.  This one was a young guy who looked like a lumberjack with his plaid sweater, scruffy hat, and wild beard.  There was a large pair of "librarian glasses" perched on his nose. He headed towards me, pamphlets in hand, "Hey, do you have a second to talk about sea turtles?" Usually, I'll take a minute to listen to their little elevator speech, but today I had no time for chatting.

With only 10 seconds to cross the street, I waved apologetically and said sorry, I have somewhere to be.  Then as I turn away I hear him yell, "Someone like you should use your money to save sea turtles and not on another Kate Spade bag!"

At first I was pretty friggin' annoyed. How dare he judge me by my bag?! If he only knew that I am hardly rolling in cash, that I do in fact donate to causes that move me, that I'm headed to a job interview, that this one bag is the only nice bag I own, one I only use for work and bought at a 40% discount.  Would he have said that if he knew my story?

After fuming for a bit, I got thinking about how I couldn't really blame him for jumping to assumptions because we do it all the time:

A girl wearing Uggs and Juicy Couture = that airheaded bimbo
A dude wearing a beanie and skinny jeans and carrying an iPhone = what a hipster
A woman wearing an Hermes scarf and carrying a Prada = rich trophy wife with a cheating husband
A man driving a Ferrari = he's going through a mid-life crisis

I guess what I'm trying to say is...it's hard not to judge people by the way they dress or look. Christ knows I catch myself doing it all the time.  Maybe that girl just dresses like that because those are the only hand-me-downs she got. Maybe that guy only uses an iPhone because he is building a iOS mobile app that helps users provide micro-funding to people in third world countries.  Maybe that woman bought those things for herself after building her own company out of nothing. Maybe that man is taking a car he just bought for his father, a single father who raised him alone and used to build toy models of luxury cars with him?

Of course, there are plenty of idiot bimbos, wanna-be hipsters, stuck up trophy wives, and pathetic guys prowling for 21 year olds trying to recapture their youth out there.

But sometimes they're not.


  1. I love Juicy Couture but I can see what you mean...



  2. definitely food for thought, cool blog post :o

  3. I think everyone makes assumptions too quick too. Although I cannot deny that I do that a lot myself, I try to see things positively and give people a lot of time to prove me wrong (or right).

  4. Great post! It makes people think. Btw, good luck finding a job. I know how time and energy consuming it can be.


  5. I hope that interview went well! I completely understand what you mean though - I'm definitely guilty...

  6. lol so true! and the uggs and juicy combo made me laugh haha. hope everything is well with you! I want a vacay soon lol

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